Fetish Fix: ISOLA #2 (Image Comics)

After just two issues in, ISOLA from Image Comics might just be the next SAGA. I’d definitely recommend it to SAGA fans, maybe EXTREMITY and MONSTRESS (also from Image Comics) fans as well. A sufficient amount of positive word-of-mouth could help push this promising new fantasy series to the heights it deserves already. Certain manga fans could dig this as well. #Isola #FetishFix #FetishFav Advertisements Continue reading Fetish Fix: ISOLA #2 (Image Comics)

The Haul, Y’all – 3/7/2018

#WednesdayWarrior #NCBD #FetishFix #TheHaul @ImageComics ~ 1st Issue Fetish selections: GIDEON FALLS #1 and OBLIVION SONG #1. ~ Other Haul Regulars: THE WILD STORM #12, SAVAGE DRAGON #232. ~ And farewell to EXTREMITY which ends with its 12th and final chapter. ~ Bonus gets: IMAGE+ Vol. 2, #6 and IMAGE EXPO 2018 Preview Book #WeBelieveInComics #ImageComics Twitter: @ComicBookFetish | Facebook: Comic Book Fetish Continue reading The Haul, Y’all – 3/7/2018

The Haul, Y’all – 2/28/2018

#WednesdayWarrior #NCBD #FetishFix #TheHaul Over the last few months I had downgraded my Wednesday Warrior status to more of a monthly endeavor due to a focus on reading novels (because, y’know, there’s only so many hours a fella can devote to his favorite activity as a bookworm). At any rate, here is the complete haul for the month of February. ~ 1st Issue Fetish Selections: … Continue reading The Haul, Y’all – 2/28/2018

Savage Dragon #223 April Fool’s Cover from Image Comics

I’m really digging these April Fool’s covers from the Image Comics gang. I grabbed the UNCANNY AVENGERS-inspired BLACK SCIENCE one last week. Unfortunately, I passed on the “Gwinvincible” INVINCIBLE one last week, (though I got a picture of it). Tomorrow I will snag up this “SNYDER – JOCK SAVAGE DRAGON” one for its sheer coolness. ( W ) Erik Larsen (A/CA) Erik Larsen NEW STORY ARC – “THE MERGING OF … Continue reading Savage Dragon #223 April Fool’s Cover from Image Comics

SkyBound Adds DEMONIC to its Roster

Coming in August is the first issue to the Robert Kirkman-created miniseries DEMONIC, written by Christopher Sebela and illustrated by Niko Walter with colors by Dan Brown. From the solicitation: Detective Scott Graves will do anything to protect his family… even bargain away his soul. Now, the only thing to fear isn’t New York’s worst criminals, but what’s already raging inside of him. After all, what’s the … Continue reading SkyBound Adds DEMONIC to its Roster

1st Issue Fetish | REYN #1 by Symons, Stockman and Little

Saw the ad for this in the backpages of Copperhead #2 (October; Image). It looks hella interesting and has me very intrigued. But I have no other details yet. I’m not even sure if beyond this sneaky advert that it’s been officially (i.e. verbally) announced to the public. All I know is its creative team is Symons, Stockman and Little. Sounds like a law firm. … Continue reading 1st Issue Fetish | REYN #1 by Symons, Stockman and Little

Gallery: THE PRIVATE EYE – New Prints section Available NOW!

Art by Marcos Martin Coming in via e-mail yesterday was a notice informing me that there are new digital prints available featuring art from the run-away hit digital comic series The Private Eye, created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Marcos Martin (with colors by the exceptional Munsta Vicente). Above is the only black and white offering which goes for $50 (plus $10 for shipping). … Continue reading Gallery: THE PRIVATE EYE – New Prints section Available NOW!