As the title suggests, this site’s total existence revolves around my personal love and addiction to comic books. It’s that simple. Naturally, as a one-man show the content here is skewed mostly toward my personal tastes. CBF makes up with positive enthusiasm for for what it lacks in scope.

A little about me: my name is Brandon Rucker and I’ve been doing comics industry journalism, blogging and commentary since 2011, at least in terms of going beyond just mere message boards.  I started out at another site under the moniker of Professor Brand-X (archival removed) and after a couple of years doing that I moved on very briefly to Bleeding Cool.com (and the print mag) before finally deciding I’d much rather go rogue and do my own thing how I want, when I want, and about what I want. Sure, there are a lot less eyeballs that my words get exposed to here, but there’s just something about being independent and calling your own shots that speaks to me as I get my fourth decade of life underway.  Thus, this blog.

Thanks for visiting. Perhaps you’ll find a few things of interest here.

– B.

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