Commentary | Star Trek: Beyond

STAR TREK: BEYOND. It was a highly fun and entertaining movie, right in line with the previous two of this J.J. Abrams reboot. We left feeling like it was really good, and I still have that thought a few days later. Coincidentally, there was a theme that ran through the story, a timely theme of diversity, togetherness and teamwork. Staying together for mutual purpose in … Continue reading Commentary | Star Trek: Beyond

Geoff Johns Now Co-Head of DC Movies

Broken News Commentary: Finally, like with the television division, a comic book guy is in place to be able to ensure that certain other creative minds don’t go too far off the comic book reservation with the movies. A swift move that should be very effective. The great comics industry journalist Heidi MacDonald writes via her wonderful The Comics Beat blog: That thud you just … Continue reading Geoff Johns Now Co-Head of DC Movies

The Merc with a Mouth in a Movie | Thoughts on the Deadpool flick

For an action movie with a foulmouthed blabbermouth antihero, it’s pretty good. The opening sequence let’s you know right away (and any parents who may have foolishly brought their little ones expecting Spider-Man, Iron Man or Captain America fare) what the nature of this movie is going to be about and what kind of content you can expect. The opening credits laced throughout that first sequence … Continue reading The Merc with a Mouth in a Movie | Thoughts on the Deadpool flick

Buzz: An R-Rating for Wolverine 3?

So the big comic book movie news that went viral today was that the makers of the forthcoming Wolverine 3 (2017) movie are “targeting an R rating”, according to (and plenty of other sources). My initial reaction was one, surprisingly, of conservative preservation of the status quo. Of course this comes on the heels of the R-rated Deadpool movie having a record-breaking February opening this … Continue reading Buzz: An R-Rating for Wolverine 3?