Teaser: Marvel’s RUNAWAYS TV Show from Hulu

So you’re Brian K. Vaughan and you experience that proud moment when you see Marvel and Hulu turn something you created into a TV show. EDIT: the leaked teaser is un-embed-able or has been removed. See the tease at Screenrant.com. Copy from Screenrant.com: As expected with a first teaser, the majority of the footage is used…

FANTASTIC FOUR Documentary (video w/ Jack Kirby art)

This is must-see for anyone who truly appreciates the history of comics and the pioneers of the art form and industry. Unless you’re very young, uninformed or simply live under a rock, then you know how special the collaboration between Stan Lee and Jack Kirby was most notably in the 1960s. The Marvel Comics of…

It’s the Dreaded End of All Things for INVINCIBLE (video)

Robert Kirkman (Co-creator/writer), Cory Walker (Co-creator/artist) and Ryan Ottley (artist) discuss the humble beginnings and the inevitable end of their cult-favorite indie superhero series Invincible. The final storyline “The End of All Things” to close out the long-running series is currently being published by Skybound Entertainment/Image Comics.

Podcast: The Undertow

Thanks to the A CRIMINAL Blog, I recently stumbled across this podcast series that is devoted to the crime comics of writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips. You can subscribe to it via iTunes or simply stream it via Podbean here.

Video | I is for Image

Make mine Image Comics. As a reader. As a future creator. Video originally published on Jul 23, 2014

Beneath the Cover | Image+ #2 (video)

In this first edition of the new feature I’m calling BENEATH THE COVER, I take a look at the second issue of my new favorite magazine about comics, Image+. Facebook: Comic Book Fetish Facebook Group: Comic Book Underground Twitter: @ComicBookFetish brandonrucker.com