Marvel’s FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (LGY #646)

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (legacy #646) by writer Dan Slott and artist Sara Pichelli was a real treat to read! I’m very excited for #2. It is pretty cool and interesting to note that Marvel put this issue out on exactly the 57th anniversary of the original Fantastic Four #1 which was back on August 8, 1961 (cover-dated November) — similar to another publishing milestone earlier this … Continue reading Marvel’s FANTASTIC FOUR #1 (LGY #646)

Fetish Fix: ISOLA #2 (Image Comics)

After just two issues in, ISOLA from Image Comics might just be the next SAGA. I’d definitely recommend it to SAGA fans, maybe EXTREMITY and MONSTRESS (also from Image Comics) fans as well. A sufficient amount of positive word-of-mouth could help push this promising new fantasy series to the heights it deserves already. Certain manga fans could dig this as well. #Isola #FetishFix #FetishFav Continue reading Fetish Fix: ISOLA #2 (Image Comics)

Free Comic Book Day 2018 – The Haul, Y’all!

FCBD Editions AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, AVENGERS/CAPTAIN AMERICA, BARRIER #1, CRUSH, THE MALL #0 and RELAY #0. All were enjoyable reads. The standout is probably Zac Thompson, Andy Clarke, and Donny Cates and RELAY #0 from AfterShock Comics. A full issue with a highly intriguing story and beautiful art! I’ll be along for the full ride. Svetlana Chmakova’s CRUSH is a top contender for for standout as well. … Continue reading Free Comic Book Day 2018 – The Haul, Y’all!

Lazarus #27: Jonah Carlyle . . . Long Lost and Found

After a long layoff of a full year (and some change), I am so happy to finally have  LAZARUS proper back into my hands, gracing my eyeballs! When last we received an issue of LAZARUS written solely by co-creator/author Greg Rucka and artist exclusively by co-creator/artist Michael Lark, it was March 2017’s LAZARUS #26, the conclusion of the “Cull” storyline which saw the Russian family Vassalovka — … Continue reading Lazarus #27: Jonah Carlyle . . . Long Lost and Found

SAGA #51: Middle-Aged, Poised and Graceful

At just past the would-be half-way mark of what’s speculated to likely be a 100-issue epic creator-owned series, SAGA is that comfortable, reliable favorite series that you come to simply expect to deliver exactly what you need from a series — not unlike a favorite TV showing deliver the goods each and every week of the season. That’s exactly what I experienced reading Chapter Fifty … Continue reading SAGA #51: Middle-Aged, Poised and Graceful

Action Comics #1000: A Rather Fine Anniversary Issue

I really enjoyed DC Comics’ 80-page ACTION COMICS #1000 Anniversary issue, which also, coincidentally, marks the 80-year anniversary of Superman in printed comic form, having debuted on the stands in ACTION COMICS #1 on April 18, 1938 with a June cover date. I bought, in my opinion, the best looking available cover left on the shelf — the Joshua Middleton 1980s era variant (see below). … Continue reading Action Comics #1000: A Rather Fine Anniversary Issue


A few reads from April’s Fetish Fix. So ANALOG #1 was an excellent start. So good I’m very tempted to get it monthly. I will get the $10 trade in October. I’ve been transitioning away from monthlies in my creator-owned comics since last fall, and this is a series I know will be so rewarding in book form. I’m happy to wait a few months … Continue reading Fetish Fix: ANALOG, ISOLA, SKYWARD & OBLIVION SONG

The Haul, Y’all – 3/7/2018

#WednesdayWarrior #NCBD #FetishFix #TheHaul @ImageComics ~ 1st Issue Fetish selections: GIDEON FALLS #1 and OBLIVION SONG #1. ~ Other Haul Regulars: THE WILD STORM #12, SAVAGE DRAGON #232. ~ And farewell to EXTREMITY which ends with its 12th and final chapter. ~ Bonus gets: IMAGE+ Vol. 2, #6 and IMAGE EXPO 2018 Preview Book #WeBelieveInComics #ImageComics Twitter: @ComicBookFetish | Facebook: Comic Book Fetish Continue reading The Haul, Y’all – 3/7/2018

The Haul, Y’all – 2/28/2018

#WednesdayWarrior #NCBD #FetishFix #TheHaul Over the last few months I had downgraded my Wednesday Warrior status to more of a monthly endeavor due to a focus on reading novels (because, y’know, there’s only so many hours a fella can devote to his favorite activity as a bookworm). At any rate, here is the complete haul for the month of February. ~ 1st Issue Fetish Selections: … Continue reading The Haul, Y’all – 2/28/2018

Comic Book Fetish Pull List | February 2017

~ For February 2017 ~ DC & VERTIGO Frostbite #6 (of 6) The Wild Storm #1 IMAGE Birthright #22 The Fix #8 Green Valley #5 (of 9) Image+ #11 Kill or Be Killed #6 Lazarus #26 Loose Ends #2 (of 4) Moonshine #5 Paper Girls #11 The Old Guard #1 Sex Criminals #16 Southern Bastards #17 MARVEL Jessica Jones #5 AFTERSHOCK Animosity#6 Rough Riders #1 … Continue reading Comic Book Fetish Pull List | February 2017

Now Reading: Saga – Chapter Thirty Seven

#NowReading #Saga #ImageComics #BrianKVaughan #FionaStaples NEW STORY ARC! “THE WAR FOR PHANG,” PART ONE. SAGA is back with its most epic storyline yet, and to celebrate, FIONA STAPLES graces this issue with a gorgeous wraparound cover! Finally reunited with her ever-expanding family, Hazel travels to a war-torn comet that Wreath and Landfall have been battling over for ages. This arc is a self-contained “event” we’ve … Continue reading Now Reading: Saga – Chapter Thirty Seven

NowReading: The Black Monday Murders #1

#NowReading #TheBlackMondayMurders #ImageComics #JonathanHickman #TommCoker Good stuff. A chunky first chapter with plenty of stuff to think about as to where this is going. I’m always amazed at Hickman’s ability to play within the seams of actual historical events to create alternate history fiction. From the solicit it looks #2 is another 50-some pages. I didn’t stick with East of West like I should’ve. Hopefully … Continue reading NowReading: The Black Monday Murders #1

Image Comics: #NewComicsDay – 7/6/2016

  THROWAWAYS #1, THE WALKING DEAD #156, PAPER GIRLS #7, THE FIX #4, RENATO JONES: THE ONE% #3 and more… View this email in your browser Copyright © 2016 Image Comics, All rights reserved.Thanks for signing up for our Enewsletter!Our mailing address is: Image Comics 2001 Center Street, Sixth Floor Berkeley, Ca 94704 Add us to your address book unsubscribe from this list   update subscription preferences  Continue reading Image Comics: #NewComicsDay – 7/6/2016