A few reads from April’s Fetish Fix.

Story: Gerry Duggan | Art / Variant Cover: Declan ShalveyJordie Bellaire

So ANALOG #1 was an excellent start. So good I’m very tempted to get it monthly. I will get the $10 trade in October. I’ve been transitioning away from monthlies in my creator-owned comics since last fall, and this is a series I know will be so rewarding in book form. I’m happy to wait a few months for this first arc.

Story: Brenden FletcherKarl Kerschl | Art: Karl KerschlMsassyk

ISOLA #1 was also an excellent start and so gorgeous. I’m in for this one as well. And like the aforementioned ANALOG, I’ll trade-wait this one also. This one will clearly be a better reading experience in book form, not because the first chapter wasn’t satisfying, just that as beautiful and immersive as it is, it will be a breathtaking experience in book form. Come on October!

Story: Joe Henderson | Art: Lee GarbettAntonio Fabela

And there was yet another fine start in SKYWARD #1. Image is 3 for 3 on new series for me this month, hitting it out of the park as usual on high concepts. This one particularly could be really cool for an animation or live-action adaptation as well.

Story: Robert Kirkman | Art: Lorenzo De FeliciAnnalisa Leoni

And finally, I am already off the OBLIVION SONG train after two issues. Cool concept but creator/writer Robert Kirkman’s style & execution remain unimpressive, as is Lorenzo De Felici’s art, I’m sorry to say.  Of course, it’s all subjective, and I like a wide variety of art styles, am even tolerant of many more “crude” styles. But whatever the style, it has to appeal to the beholder, especially the facial work. I really don’t like De Felici’s faces.

As for Kirkman, I have always had a problem with Kirkman’s dialogue. Plotting wise we know since all the way back to THE WALKING DEAD and INVINCIBLE (and OUTCAST too) that he plots SPECIFICALLY for the 6-issue arc and trade (a tactic ingrained in him while at 2000s-era Marvel). I suppose if you read him in trade form you can get a more fulfilling reading experience. But, ugh, that dialogue . . . one reason I like TWD TV show better than the comic.

p49zeiaptpb01Another recent read, ACTION COMICS #1000, I will address in a separate post.

April Fetish Fix List

From the Pull & Hold Box
  • Kill or Be Killed #18 (IMAGE)
  • Lazarus #27 (IMAGE)
  • Paper Girls – Vol. 4 Tpb (IMAGE)
  • Redneck #12 (IMAGE)
  • Saga #51 (IMAGE)
  • Savage Dragon #233 (IMAGE)
Off the Shelf
  • Action Comics #1000 (DC)
  • Analog #1 (IMAGE)
  • Black AF: Widows and Orphans #1 (BLACK MASK)
  • Isola #1 (IMAGE)
  • Oblivion #2 (IMAGE)
  • Skyward #1 (IMAGE)
The Wish List
  • Birthright – Vol. 6 Tpb (IMAGE)
  • The Black Monday Murders – Vol. 2 Tpb (IMAGE)
  • Copperhead – Vol. 4 Tpb (IMAGE)
  • Coyotes – Vol. 1 Tpb (IMAGE)
  • Gasolina – Vol. 1: Tpb: Bienvenido (IMAGE)

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