Game of Thrones – S8 EP3: “The Long Night”


  • Arya Stark has been preparing for such a heroic moment since the first season!
  • The Night King got a bit cocky, huh?
  • That suspenseful, horror movie-esque library scene with Arya and the wights!
  • That expected horror movie-esque crypt scene!
  • Dragon aerial assault!
  • Poor Drogon overrun by wight zombies!
  • Theon Greyjoy! I always knew he was gonna croak since the start of this season if not the start of the series. Glad he got a heroic death. (Sad face)
  • Sir Jorah! Fought valiantly as ever for his queen. Died for his queen. (Sad face)
  • Lyanna Mormont also went out valiantly! (Sad face with fist pump)
  • Yes, the episode was dark. It was supposed to be. They wanted us to experience the sheer terror and disorientation that the characters were experiencing. Quit whining about it!
  • One of the finest 80+ minutes of television ever produced. Bravo!

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