Comic Book Fetish Faves of 2016

There’s nothing like being fashionably late, is there? Last year was probably my biggest in a very long time, if not ever. Probably at least 50 different titles sampled, with about 30 or so of them regularly read as series and collected.

So here I present, without any further ridiculous delay, my personal Comics List of 2016.


Top 30 Series

1 Paper Girls Brian K. Vaughan Cliff Chiang
2 Kill or Be Killed Ed Brubaker Sean Phillips
3 Saga Brian K. Vaughan Fiona Staples
4 Lazarus Greg Rucka Michael Lark
5 Rough Riders Adam Glass Patrick Olliffe
6 Velvet Ed Brubaker Steve Epting
7 Southern Bastards Jason Aaron Jason Latour
8 Superman Peter J. Tomasi Patrick Gleason
9 Birthright Joshua Williamson Andrei Bressen
10 Faster Than Light Brian Haberlain Brian Haberlain
11 Frostbite Joshua Williamson Jason Shawn Alexander
12 The Fix Nick Spencer Steve Lieber
13 Wonder Woman Greg Rucka Liam Sharp
14 The Black Monday Murders Jonathan Hickman Tomm Coker
15 Green Valley Max Landis Giuseppe Camuncoli
16 Jessica Jones Brian Michael Bendis Michael Gaydos
17 Satellite Falling Steve Horton Stephen Thompson
18 Animosity Marguerite Bennett Rafael De Latorre
19 Shaft: Imitation of Life David F. Walker Dietrich Smith
20 Jackpot! Ray Fawkes Marco Failla
21 Black Magic Greg Rucka Nicola Scott
22 Savage B. Clay Moore Clayton Henry
23 The Dark and Bloody Shawn Aldridge Stephen Godelewski
24 Plutona Jeff Lemire Emi Lenox
25 Seven to Eternity Rick Remender Jerome Opena
26 Black-Eyed Kids Joe Pruett Szymon Kudranski
27 The Violent Ed Brisson Adam Gorham
28 American Monster Brian Azzarello Juan Doe
29 Moonshine Brian Azzarello Eduardo Risso
30 Rat Queens Kurtis J. Wiebe Tess Fowler

* NOTE: Paper Girls is the dual winner of both Eisner and Harvey Awards for 2016 Best New Series.

Honorable Mention Series

The Hunt Colin Lorimer Colin Lorimer
4 Kids Walk into a Bank Matthew Rosenberg Tyler Boss
Shipwreck Warren Ellis Phil Hester
Briggs Land Brian Wood Mack Chater
Black Hammer Jeff Lemire Dean Ormston
The Discipline Peter Milligan Leandro Fernandez


Top 10 Oneshots, Specials, Annuals, Single Issue Reads

1 Criminal: 10th Anniversary Ed Brubaker Sean Phillips
2 DC Universe: Rebirth #1 Geoff Johns Various
3 Superman: Rebirth #1 Peter J. Tomasi Patrick Gleason
4 Grave Lillies #1 Cullen Bunn George Kambadais
5 The Thirteenth Artifact #1 Amit Chauhan Eli Powell
6 Love and Rockets #1 Hernandez Bros. Hernandez Bros.
7 Justice League: Rebirth #1 Bryan Hitch Bryan Hitch
8 Trinity #1 Francis Manapul Francis Manapul
9 ReincarNATE #1 Michael Moreci Keith Burns
10 Squarriors #1 Ashley Witter Ash Maczko


Honorable Mention Oneshots

AfterShock: Genesis #1 Various Various
Hadrian’s Wall #1 Kyle Higgins Rod Reis
Spawn Kills Everybody #1 Todd McFarlane J.J. Kirby

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