A Lament for the 1980s Era of Comics

By Brandon L. Rucker

It’s too bad I’ve lost the will to thoroughly engage in comics journalism anymore, otherwise I’d be writing a big ol’ thematic column about how the storytelling sensibilities of the 1980s — arguably the best decade critically for superhero comics — will never be allowed to return. The days of handing a character (i.e. Daredevil) or team (i.e. X-Men) to a writer and artist and letting them loose on the series for an extended legendary, uninterrupted and undisturbed by LOCKSTEP UNIVERSAL BANAL EVENT STORYLINES EVERY TWELVE MONTHS run. Yeah, that’d be great. Sure, everyone’s got their bitch about this, or about that, but for me it all comes down to somehow getting back to that approach, aesthetic and sensibility of the 1980s Marvel in particular.

That is all.

Thank you for your time.



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