Not How It Was Before | Thoughts on Outcast #5

Outcast #5 (Image)– This issue was perhaps the series’ most focused to date and contains a fair amount of action and plot development (so far this series is even less about character than The Walking Dead or Invincible). Knowing that Kirkman is going for his usual 6-issue story arc break for collected trade editions of his comics just confirms suspicion that the story is being unveiled in a very decompressed method. Decompression, as you well know, is the bane of the comic book medium in these modern times. Since the four issues prior spent little time developing character, the events in this fifth issue would have been very welcome at, say, issue #3 or #4 at the latest. Yeah, yeah, I know the economics behind writing-for-the-trade, but that doesn’t mean each issue can’t in fact be worth its cover price. That said, this issue was perhaps the most entertaining of the series so far. Unsung heroes here are artist Paul Azaceta’s atmospheric and stylish images and Elizabeth Breitweiser’s colors. – Rating: 3.5

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