1st Issue Fetish | REYN #1 by Symons, Stockman and Little

Saw the ad for this in the backpages of Copperhead #2 (October; Image). It looks hella interesting and has me very intrigued. But I have no other details yet. I’m not even sure if beyond this sneaky advert that it’s been officially (i.e. verbally) announced to the public. All I know is its creative team is Symons, Stockman and Little. Sounds like a law firm. At any rate, I have one simple question for Image Comics: can you PLEASE cease with your mad crusade against my wallet? Sheesh!

Reyn #1 will be listed in this month’s solicitations online later this week (and at the end of the month in the November PREVIEWS), and comes out January 2015. Check it out. Available only at the finest comics retailers on this little blue rock.

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