2013 Fetish Favorites: Publishers Fetish Five

I’ll keep this brief. As listed on the sidebar, this list has not changed much throughout the year as far as which publisher appears on it, mainly because it is subjective to my personal tastes and what I’m reading. Without further ado, here is, in my humble/esteemed estimation, the best comics publishers of 2013.

1. Image
(including imprints: Shadowline, Skybound & Top Cow)
The Activity, Artifacts, Cyber Force, East of West, Fatale, Five Ghosts, Jupiter’s Children, Lazarus, Manhattan Projects, Nowhere Men, Rat Queens, Revival, Rocket Girl, Saga, Sex, Sex Criminals, Snapshot, Thief of Thieves and The Walking Dead.
2. Marvel
Avengers, New Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Young Avengers, Daredevil
Hawkeye and X-Men
3. DC
(including the Vertigo imprint)
100 Bullets: Brother Lono, Batman and Robin, Batman Incorporated,
Coffin Hill, Harley Quinn and Justice League Dark
4. Valiant
Harbinger, Shadowman, Harbinger Wars, Bloodshot and X-O Manowar
5. Boom!
Day Men, Hit!, Polarity and Suicide Risk
If this list was six, Dark Horse would fill that slot due to …KilljoysStar Wars & The Victories, but, alas.How’s your list shake down? Where ya got Archie, Avatar, Dynamite, IDW, Fantagraphics and others?

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