Comic Book Fetish — OFFICIAL LAUNCH!!!

It’s January 1, 2014. That heralds two things: a Happy New Year, and the official launch of Comic Book Fetish (finally!). This little blogsite of comic book love has been in the works for nearly a year, and I’m so excited to get it going that I no longer care why it was delayed. Surely, you’re probably asking “Why yet another blog dedicated to comic books and its wacky industry?”

Look. I have a book fetish in general, but specifically a comic book fetish. Okay, there, I’ve confessed it. Admitted it with all humility. I haven’t been able to walk away from the damned things for 30 years now. Even when I’m too broke to purchase them, I find a way to still bask in their glory just on the periphery, enjoying them vicariously through comics media, other readers online or at the local comic shop (or — shhh! — speed-read them at the LCS). I’m sick and need help with this healthy(?) addiction. Thus, this little blogsite. It will be my therapy. My name is Brandon Rucker and I am a comic book fetishist.

Will you join me?

I’ve been semi-professionally writing and publishing comics journalism for two and a half years. It’s officially in my blood, and it helps aid and abet my fetish. Recently I’ve traded the “semi-professional” tag for “professional” as I’ve recently joined one of the top 3 most-visited and leading comic book news media sites, Bleeding as a contributing writer and soon-to-be columnist. I’m working directly with BC’s awesome editor-in-chief, Hannah Means-Shannon. We’re expanding our reach there to do bigger and better things. 2014 will bring you a Bleeding Cool that’s unlike you’ve ever known.

However, my daily/semi-daily output of comic book fetish-try will be right here and mirrored by the companion CBF Facebook page. Please do follow for my unique brand, enthusiasm and perspective on comic book journalism. Subscribe. Follow. Like. Tweet. Make it known to the larger world that you too have a comic book fetish. And it’s okay.

Thank you.

– B.

Freezing in the ‘burbs of Indiana.

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